Through the  CHEMSS EDU R&D NETWORK, established during the second global summit on chemical safety and security, in September 2017 (CHEMSS 2017), the ICCSS has been developing partnerships and cooperation with the leading international government agencies, academic institutions, industry and recognized experts.

Core objectives of the CHEMSS EDU R&D Network are:

• Supporting the activities of the Parties and other international entities that promote the peaceful use of chemistry and the strengthening of chemical and environmental safety and security;
• Developing series of  educational and training programs, including graduate (Master of Science), post-graduate, training courses, and certificate programs in the areas of chemical and environmental safety and security, tailored to the needs of industries and countries, especially developing countries;
• Building strategies for the development of modern technology and equipment for the safety and security of the development, production, infrastructure and the chain of supply of chemicals and energy carriers;
• Initiating and conducting scientific and technical research.
• Development of bridges between science and industry in the field of chemical safety and security and peaceful uses of chemistry by initiating and conducting scientific and technical research and commercialization of technical and scientific solutions.
• Promotion of the innovation and technological and scientific developments to enhance chemical safety and security.

Benefits of joining CHEMSS EDU R&D Network

• Increased business and generation of most modern education/training opportunities and referrals. EDU R&D NETWORK allows you to find out and to influence what is happening within chemical and environmental industries and to accommodate your education and training offers accordingly. The members will develop new education and training products and share their services.

• New education/training opportunities. The members will get through EDU R&D NETWORK high quality education and training programs.

• Entering and exposure through sponsorships. EDU R&D NETWORK will look for sponsors to support and maintain the development and implementation  of the education and training.  

• Increased confidence and credibility. Being involved in EDU R&D NETWORK members will get greater credibility with the relevant industries, as your clients, partners and investors. By offering  continues networking, and pushing to cooperate with people/institutions you do not know od did not cooperate in the past, members of EDU R&D NETWORK will get increased confidence into academic and business growth.

• Opportunities and growing market research. With a combined approach by the members offers new opportunities like joint studies and trainings, client leads, partnerships. Being part of the EDU R&D NETWORK gives a great opportunity to explore new ventures and get informed.

• Connections and collaborative working.   EDU R&D NETWORK offers a great source of relevant connections in your network that members can call on when they need, and opens the door to connect to international and influential institutions/partners. Networking is all about building valuable relationships and you may well find yourself working with a number of businesses you come across in a group.

• Advice. Having like-minded partners to cooperate gives an opportunity to get advice from them on all sorts of things related to education and training. EDU R&D NETWORK is a great way to tap into advice and expertise that members wouldn’t not be able to get.

• Raising partner’s profile. EDU R&D NETWORK allows its members  visibility and being noticed in the area of chemical safety and environmental protection which are the quickly developing area of growing businesses. Through EDU R&D NETWORK members will build their reputation as a reliable and supportive partners who offer modern and competitive programs and information to clients.

• Positive Influence. Building friendships. EDU R&D NETWORK will develop network of people and institutions with influence to cooperate with the relevant industries. The EDU R&D NETWORK will build friendships as a result of networking because it will combine like-minded education/business partners who are united to grow their businesses and to cooperate with each other regularly.

• Contribute to industry/community. The EDU R&D NETWORK is being developed to provide leaders who look for solutions and ways to improve industry safety and process safety and environmental protection  and community well-being.

Implementation Team

Amb. Krzysztof Paturej
President of the Board
Dr. Lech Starostin
Program Director

CHEMSS EDU R&D Documents: