Industry Cybersecurity and Reliability

A large number of chemical installation and their economic significance make the chemical industry particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks, including cyberattacks. As a result of a cyberattack, release of toxic chemicals or stoppage of flow of chemicals (reagents) to other industries would have serious health, social, economic and ecological repercussions. In practice it could form use of chemical weapons. There is a low priority of cybersecurity in chemical industry which is a result of lack of awareness of a real threat.

ICCSS approach and offer: INDUSTRY CYBERSECURITY – RESILIENCE AGAINST CYBER-ATTACKS – RELIABILITY provide stakeholders from governments, international organisations, industries, academia, insurance companies, with practical solutions to increase industry resilience against cyber threats in chemical industry and enhance reliability. This approach makes cybersecurity an investment not a cost for company.

The ICCSS has introduced 6 innovative offers and approaches to enhance industry cybersecurity and reliability. They include:

1. National Conference/Training - Cybersecurity and Industry Reliability: strengthening resilience against cyberattacks and improving reliability in small and medium enterprises (SME) and local government utility companies, to enhance development of professional competences in cyber security of OT and cyber security audits in Polish industry.

2. Inauguration of the international Task Force within Working Group on Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0 at the Ministry of Digital Affairs and under the co-ordination International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS), to elaborate Manual of best practices in cybersecurity and reliability in the chemical and energy carriers industries. The international Task Force include partners from Canada, Italy, Ukraine and US.

3. Establishment  of the international Working Group, (coordinated by ICCSS) to develop concept of the international university education and training curriculums in cybersecurity for industry.

4. Initiative to establish 3 market specialties in industrial cybersecurity and reliability for technicians, management and  policy. The new market industrial cybersecurity specialties focus both on how to operate cybersecurity in IT and OT at industrial sites and on reliability, as the very core of the cybersecurity design. Development and wide implementation of the above professional competences, based on knowledge of legal norms, management and good engineering practices, will be an important instrument to achieve the basic goal: preventing the cyber-intruder before he stops the industrial installation. The introduction of these market specialties will lower costs of cybersecurity services for Small and Medium Companies (SMI) and local administration. It will facilitate access to experts in cybersecurity validation.

5. Initiative on Roadmap For Raising Cybersecurity Awareness and Responsibility, to promote partnerships in strengthening cybersecurity in the chemical industry. It focuses on gathering and sharing of the most recent knowledge in terms of procedures, technical solutions and trainings in cybersecurity and reliability. ICCSS connects the subject of automation with the subjects of security of access and corporate architecture.

6.Trainings on Cybersecurity Awareness and Responsibility for international organisations, small and medium enterprises (SME), and local government utility companies.