We seek the world where all activities with chemicals and bio agents,  including their development, production, use and disposal, are safe, secure and environmentally friendly. Where all relevant stakeholders, including governments, international organisations, private sector, science, academia, civil society, media, public figures, practitioners and experts work hand-by-hand in whole-government (whole-society) participation, to enhance chemical and environmental safety and security and cybersecurity, locally, nationally, regionally and globally. Where national and international structures assist in reducing chem-bio threat and increase international cooperation.

ICCSS contributes to these efforts by providing industry-oriented, science-based, sustainable, public-private partnerships, multi-stakeholder participation, and non-political approaches and solutions.

ICCSS overcomes the existing deficiencies of international regulatory security system in chemical security, chemical management and environmental security

While the globalization and spread of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) industries and materials are rapid and very dynamic, international responses and regulatory mechanisms in the area of prevention, preparedness and response against misuse of chemicals and bio agents remain weak. Governments wish to regulate chem-bio security with legal, penal and administrative regulations and do not cooperate with the international frameworks. There is little international engagement and cooperation. There is little participation of the local authorities and stakeholders and  small and medium size companies (SME), which constitute a major part of chemical and bio producers and users of chemistry. A leading direction of security efforts is the chemical production while the real problems relate to development, transportation, storage and trade of toxic chemicals and bio-agents. Ensuring cybersecurity in chemical activities has becomes a major challenge while there is no relevant industry, national and international solutions. The growing threat is today coming from the groups operating at territories not controlled by the governments.
The needs of developing countries,  countries in transition and  needs of local stakeholders and from Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) around the world, and the support for youth to implement chem-bio safety and security, are a leading determinants and priorities in the ICCSS work.

The ICCSS Global Team and ICCSS regional representatives lead the ICCSS activities in relevant audiences and address their chem-bio and environmental security needs and search for industrial cybersecurity locally, nationally and regionally.

The ICCSS functions as a cooperation and discussion platform which brings together chem-bio,  environmental and industrial cybersecurity needs and activities with sustainable development, sustainable chemistry and circular economy.