What we do

Our underlying belief is that ensuring chem-bio and environmental safety and security and complying with chemical and environmental protection standards and introducing industrial cybersecurity are essential conditions in the research, manufacturing, use, trade and disposal of chemicals and bio-agents. They are increasingly linked with internal and external security, public health protection, economic and trade cooperation, development and humanitarian policies.

ICCSS is a catalyst for secure and environmentally friendly use of chemicals and chem-bio threat reduction in traditional and alternative ways. We operate on and develop five leading activities: global governance,  regulatory framework,  local awareness,  global market, and industry cybersecurity and reliability.

We connect governments, international organisations, private sector, science, academia, civil society, media, public figures, practitioners and experts in whole-government (whole-society) stakeholder participation,  to make chem-bio threat reduction and chemical and environmental safety a security leading issues for national and international security, economy and development (SDG’s) agendas.

We combine chem-bio safety and security, by building down to top approach, by active engagement of local authorities and addressing the chem-bio safety and security in all the peaceful uses of chemistry and biology, with an emphasis on local stakeholders and SME and transportation of toxic chemicals. Thus we developed and seek global recognition for chem-friendly acknowledgement in chemical safety and security.    
We operationalize and internationalize the best existing practices and capacity building within an integrated system of chem-bio and environmental safety and security, and industry cybersecurity. This includes environmental and health security, at local, national and global levels, with an emphasis on regional approaches and developing permanent regional cooperation. 

Global threats and challenges linked to the globalization and spread of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) industries and materials, have required global responses moving beyond political groupings. Therefore ICCSS pioneered  global CHEMSS process, a science-based and free from political exclusion process that have involved leaders and practitioners. Thus we have removed political language and methodology of chemical disarmament, chemical non-proliferation and chemical terrorism.

Within the ICCSS Global Team we develop and apply, together with stakeholders from developed and developing countries, joint solutions on integrated/harmonized chemical and environmental safety and security, and industrial cybersecurity and reliability.

By developing HUB on Dialogue and Cooperation and we created a common connection point for users and providers innovative services, processes and products in chemical-environmental safety and security and cybersecurity, which meet highest safety, security and environmental standards.

Via ICCSS hub we offer an Alternative Dialogue Avenue – CBRN ADA, which connects governments, industries, local sides that could not agree on how to achieve common position, agreement or understanding, in CBRN areas. Based on our global networks, long diplomatic experience and negotiating capacities, strong international legal background, and unique technical expertise, we help resolve CBRN local, national and regional conflicts, beyond formal networks.  Within alternative avenues for seeking CBRN threat reduction, we have developed Chemical Safety Security Confidence Building Measures which could be applied cross-sectors and cross-governments to reduce tensions and establish dialogue.