ICCSS in the World

As a globally acting independent institution, cooperation hub and the worldwide network, the ICCSS,  headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, has developed worldwide presence. ICCSS conducts several unique worldwide Activities and brands, including ChemFriendly, Local Awareness and Responsibility, CHEMSS process, CHEMSS EDU&RD Network, ICCSS Global Team. They enhance chemical and environmental safety and security and industry cybersecurity at local, national, regional and global levels.  

ICCSS has invited recognized leaders and practitioners from all-over the world to implement these activities and brands locally, nationally and internationally on  chem-bio and environmental safety and security issues within.   

ICCSS has developed a series of international partnerships with governments, international organizations, associations, industries, academia, media.   

ICCSS also actively participate in the work of relevant international bodies to enhance global chemical safety and security, including OPCW, G7 Global Partnership Working group against Weapons of Mass Destruction.  

While developing and conducting program activities ICCSS devotes special efforts and attention to address chemical security problems from regional perspective. The regional approach allows the ICCSS to be flexible in its engagement and to promote chemical safety and security to be adjusted to different cultures, different perceptions of security, and the various priorities of nations in the region concerned.  

Therefore the ICCSS has opened, in cooperation with Amman CBRN Training Centre, its first regional office in Amman, to assist in the development of chemical safety and security national and regional regulatory measures, trainings and exercises in chem-bio and environmental safety and security and industry cybersecurity. Link do komunikatu prasowego z podpisania umowy i zdjecia z Ammanu.  

The ICCSS has also undertook active measures to open ICCSS North America, to serve the audiences in both America, with environmental safety and security and especially industry cybersecurity and reliability.