ICCSS is a non-profit, independent international foundation situated in Warsaw, (Poland) which pioneers integrated and harmonized  chemical-environmental safety and security and industry cybersecurity solutions. We seek their implementation locally, nationally regionally and globally to reduce chemical threats and enhance public security, environmental protection and sustainable chemistry.   

The world has entered an age in which chemical and bio threats emanate not from a single source but from nature’s fury, human error, crime, cyberattacks, proliferation of sensitive technologies, illicit transfer of weapons, drugs, and terrorism. While the globalization and spread of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) industries and materials are rapid and very dynamic, international responses and regulatory mechanisms in the areas of prevention, preparedness and response against misuse of chemicals and bio agents remain weak or inadequate, especially in chemical domain.  ICCSS overcomes these weaknesses and offers modern chemical and environmental safety and security measures, comprehensive and integrated as possible, and applied globally, and based on  ecological, social, and economic guidelines.

ICCSS operationalize and internationalize best practices, capacity building, serves as multi-stakeholder platform, and global network to limit the consequences of natural or chem-bio emergencies and cyber attacks to protect society and environment, in partnership  with governments, industries, international organisations, science and academia, local authorities and media