The fundamental determinants of ensuring chemical and environmental safety and security in the contemporary world include the following dimensions: legal, political-organizational and infrastructure-technical. The traditional current chem-bio security governance systems and mechanisms as playing field and domain or states are becoming obsolete or inadequate since major challenges and threats are essentially non-state. The ICCSS leads efforts to introduce Global Governance within these dimensions will help to increase chemical and biological (chem-bio) safety and security locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

ICCSS seeks Global Cooperation and Audience, as a founding principle, to develop and offer chemical-environmental safety and security and cybersecurity in the whole chain of chemical activities, supports evolution  of chemical and biological sectors towards sustainability and reduce chem-bio threats. ICCSS initiates and leads whole-society or whole-government partnerships, with emphasis on Regional Approach. ICCSS combines experience and capacities from whole range of CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) and environmental protection. ICCSS synergizes these capacities and solutions and enhance their implementation among States, international organisations, industries, civil society, and academia.  

ICCSS has introduced Global Policy Guidelines by developing global Declarations on international cooperation to enhance chem-bio safety and security culture and promotion of sustainable chemistry and process safety. These guidelines develop Global Audience chem-bio and -environmental safety and security and cybersecurity by offering international courses and spreading expertise and knowledge. These guidelines formed basis for global cooperation among science and industry within CHEMSS EDU R&D Network and ICCSS Global Team. 

International and national responses and regulatory mechanisms in the area of prevention, preparedness and response against misuse of chem-bio  agents remain weak, ICCSS. They become less and less relevant to meet the threats and challenges of the globalization and rapid and very dynamic spread of chem-bio agents and   industries. Therefore ICCSS has developed  ICCSS Regulatory Framework to encourage international structures, including the United Nations, OPCW, and other relevant agencies to focus their agenda on reducing these threats. ICCSS enhances needs of developing countries to increase their chem-bio regulatory and operational. Today chem-bio safety and security has become a core component of national security, economic and social development, and environmental protection.

ICCSS provides  capacity building and cooperation for local stakeholders, with emphasis on youth and for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to use chemicals and bio agents in safe and secure ways.  

Chemical and environmental disasters happens locally and hamper and disrupt local life and functioning. Therefore  ICCSS has developed and promotes Local Awareness and responsibility in chemical and environmental safety and security, to  assist and empower local stakeholders to understand and apply chemical and environmental safety and security. ICCSS Local Awareness program increases local security, supports local self-government, assists in reducing social exclusion, an protects environment. ICCSS initiated ChemFriendly Acknowledgement, which invites all those engaged in activities in chemicals to commit to continuously improve safety and security in their products, services, and processes and enhancing chemical safety and security culture.

Chem-bio and environmental safety and security remain in hands of governments and relevant industries while the chemical development, production, transportation, use and disposal, are global in reach. The chemical development and production moved to developing countries but the safety and security capacities and experience is limited mainly to the developed world. This makes safety and security solutions expensive, often outdated (vide low level of cybersecurity protection), and limited to individual countries and major industry companies and plants. ICCSS overcomes this important security, development and economic barriers by developing Global Market of chemical-environmental safety and security and cybersecurity, by supporting and promoting entrepreneurs with innovative services, processes and products. ICCSS runs Cooperation and Dialouge HUB which offers alternative communication and cooperation.

Industry Cybersecurity and Reliability

The number of cyber incidents and the sophistication of the attacks have dramatically increased and cyber-attacks increasingly target critical infrastructures. They may also hit chemical facilities.  ICCSS undertook series of measures to enhance cybersecurity in chemical industries and developed and offered and integrated  approach: Industry Cybersecurity – Resilence against cyber-attacks – reliability. ICCSS concentrates on practical aspects of increasing industry resilience against cyber threats in chemical industry and increasing reliability. This approach makes cybersecurity an investment not a cost for company. ICCSS leads development and introduction of professional competences in Industry Cybersecurity. ICCSS supports governments and international organisations to establish cybersecurity regulatory framework and introduce Cybersecurity and Rreliability Road Maps. ICCSS offers trainings, conferences and seminars  to increase resilience and protect chemical industry against cyber threats for international organisations, small and medium enterprises (SME), and local government utility companies.

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