ICCSS is a non-profit, independent international foundation situated in Warsaw, (Poland) which pioneers integrated and harmonized chemical-environmental safety and security and industry cybersecurity solutions. We seek their implementation locally, nationally regionally and globally to reduce chemical threats and enhance public security, environmental protection and sustainable chemistry. ICCSS operationalize and internationalize best practices, capacity building, serves as multi-stakeholder platform, and global network to limit the consequences of natural or chem-bio emergencies and cyber attacks to protect society and environment, in partnership with governments, industries, international organisations, science and academia, local authorities and media.

We seek the world where all chemical activities, including their development, production, use and disposal, are safe, secure and environmentally friendly of chemicals. Where all relevant stakeholders, including governments, international organisations, private sector, science, academia, civil society, media, public figures, practitioners and experts work hand-by-hand in whole-government (whole-society) participation, to enhance chemical and environmental safety and security and cybersecurity, locally, nationally, regionally and globally. Where national and international structures assist in reducing chemical threat and increase international cooperation.

ICCSS contributes to these efforts by providing industry-oriented, science-based, sustainable, public-private partnerships, multi-stakeholder participation, and non-political approaches and solutions. More

ICCSS offers chem-bio and environmental safety and security and cybersecurity to all stakeholders in need, including local partners, governments, international organizations, industries, academia, civil society and youth. ICCSS identifies, operationalizes and internationalizes best practices, capacity building, standards and regulatory measures. Thus, we develop global chemical safety and security governance and promote chemical safety and security culture and sustainable chemistry.

ICCSS groundbreaking work to identify and fill gaps in existing national, international and industry standards and practices, to raise awareness and promote new tools that can be utilized to enhance safety and security and reduce cyber risks, combined with our global networks and partnerships, elevates chem-bio and environmental safety, security and cybersecurity, as global priorities.

ICCSS promotes and develops global market in chem-bio and environmental safety and security and cybersecurity, to offer universal, inexpensive and user friendly products, services or processes which meet highest safety, security and environmental standards.

In these ways ICCSS contributes to a more secure world, public security, chem-bio and environmental threat reduction, sustainable chemistry implementation and circular economy development. More

The fundamental determinants of ensuring chemical and environmental safety and security in the contemporary world include the following dimensions: legal, political-organizational and infrastructure-technical. The traditional current chem-bio security governance systems and mechanisms as playing field and domain or states are becoming obsolete or inadequate since major challenges and threats are essentially non-state. The ICCSS leads efforts to introduce Global Governance within these dimensions will help to increase chemical and biological (chem-bio) safety and security locally, nationally, regionally and globally. More

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