ICCSS led International Days on Chemical Safety and Security and Cybersecurity

The 2 days of activities conducted at Vistula University in Warsaw on  9-10 December, 2019 confirmed that chemical safety and security and cybersecurity are important instruments to enhance security, reduce chemical threats and promote economic, trade and development cooperation. The role of ICCSS as international leader in chemical safety and security was confirmed.

The Days brought together chemical and environmental safety and security leaders and practitioners from government, international organizations, industry, academia and civil society in an industry-oriented, science-based, and non-political forum. They supported the view that sustainable chemical safety and security measures have to be established and introduced to support the development needs, to prevent misuse of toxic chemicals and to protect society and industries. The participants shared the view that In front of worldwide development of chemical industry and trade as well as global access to chemicals, security of manufacturing, infrastructure, supply chain of chemicals, energy sources and carriers becomes a priority for governments, chemical industry, academia and local communities. They concentrated on practical aspects of increasing industry resilience against cyber threats in chemical industry.

The Days demonstrated concrete activities of the International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS) and Vistula Group of Universities and their cooperation with national and international partners, to enhance chemical safety and security, with an emphasis on education and training in industrial cybersecurity.

There were a series leading activities and outcomes achieved during the Days:
1.    First National Conference/Training: Cybersecurity and Industry Reliability: strengthening resilience against cyberattacks and improving reliability in small and medium enterprises (SME) and local government utility companies, on 9th December. It was an pioneering event  to enhance development of professional competences in cyber security of OT and cyber security audits in Polish industry.
2.    Inauguration meeting of the international Task Force within Working Group on Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0 at the Ministry of Digital Affairs and under the co-ordination International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS), to elaborate Manual of best practices in cybersecurity and reliability in the chemical and energy carriers industries. The international Task Force include partners from Canada (Metegrity), Italy, Ukraine and US.
3.    International round table of the CHEMSS EDU R&D Network, with universities and industries from Italy, Jordan, Poland, Ukraine and US, established international Working Group, coordinated by ICCSS, to develop concept of the international university education and training curriculums in cybersecurity for industry.
4.    The second Scientific Conference on chemical and ecological safety and security continued to generate scientific and research development as well as scientific and technical cooperation between Polish and international counterparts.
5.    Introduction of the concept of the a scientific program of the development of the chemical safety and security in the countries of the Three Seas Initiative. The Program will promote local, national and regional awareness and responsibility in chemical safety and security. This initiative aims to enable local, national and regional stakeholders to meet the safety and security challenges posed by the increasing use of chemicals and access to hazardous substances at the local level and in transit.

The Days strengthened the cooperation and coordination among the industry and academic partners and their international counterparts to enhance chemical safety and security and promote environmental protection.