ICCSS leadership of Working Group on Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0

ICCSS President chairs the Working Group on Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0 within the Working Group on Cybersecurity which supervises the implementation of National Cybersecurity System within the Ministry of Digital Affairs. The Working Group  is a multi-stakeholder gathering with the participation of government agencies, industries, national and international IT and OT providers, academia, and civil society. The Group is another concrete example of ICCSS innovation and building international cooperation to promote industry cybersecurity and reliability.

The Group is becoming an international leader in cybersecurity – resilience against cyber threats – reliability – for Industry 4.0, through bringing together all the relevant stakeholders, developing/implementing unique best practices to digitalize industry, and promoting the introduction of training programs and technology solutions in digitalization of industry, with an initial  focus on chemical and energy carriers industries. The Group has recently been joined by CISCO and Siemens.   

The first agreed activity within the Working Group included the inauguration within the international Task Force to elaborate Manual of best practices in cybersecurity and reliability in the chemical and energy carriers industries, under the chair of Grupa LOTOS, major Polish petrochemical company.

The second major activity included First National Conference/Training: Cybersecurity and Industry Reliability: strengthening resilience against cyberattacks and improving reliability in small and medium enterprises (SME) and local government utility companies, held on 9th December, 2019 in Warsaw. It was an pioneering event  to enhance development of professional competences in cyber security of OT and cyber security audits in Polish industry.
The meetings was attended and addressed by Mr. Emil Peña, President of Emil Peña Interests, Inc., international leader in risk management and digitization in energy sectors. Mr. Peña confirmed support and participation of US stakeholders in the development and promotion of the Manual.