Warsaw Workshop on the conclusion of European Union NET-CBRN-REACT project assisted Moldova and Ukraine to develop national civil protection

NET-CBRN-REACT project, funded by the European Union, was developed and implemented by an international, multi-stakeholder, consortium of government, academia, industry, civil society beneficiaries from Germany, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine and Poland, and international agencies, including Council of Baltic Sea States, and partners from Jordan, Latvia,  UN OCHA, WHO, OPCW.

NET-CBRN-REACT, implemented in 2021 – 2022, offered better and more prompt disaster risk management in Eastern Europe through strengthening effectiveness and efficiency of collective civil protection and disaster management efforts. NET-CBRN-REACT has developed the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network (hereafter “Knowledge Network”) as an inclusive platform of shared knowledge and expertise, good practices and networking in order to establish common understanding and shared culture of prevention, preparedness and response in civil protection and disaster risk management in the EU and the wider Neighbourhood.

Warsaw Workshop on 9-10 May, 2022, conducted on-line and physical presence, tested in practice the development of network of experts, model scenarios for fires and floods, and model manuals for Table Top Exercises (TTX) and Command Post Exercises (CPX).

There was a first European Tale Top Exercise organised on-line by Ukraine partners which tested the NET-CBRN-REACT project methodology. The Lviv Table Top Exercise  scenario was based on the real story – Russia missile attack against oil storage in Lviv.

As a result, project implementation has enhanced cooperation in disaster response among EU partners and European Neighbourhood countries, in civil protection and disaster management.

Conducted within the project research and feasibility assessments of common good practices in preparedness and response to CBRN emergencies will result in new training and exercise opportunities within Knowledge Network. Networking opportunities, through on-line network of expert, as a final outcome, will enhance use of UCPM and EU tools and engage partners from  outside EU.

NET-CBRN-REACT network of experts will offer knowledge and experience to develop and conduct trainings and exercise based on scenarios for forests fires and floods to endanger chemical plants and energy sources. This network will develop and promote Knowledge Network outside EU.


NET-CBRN-REACT project Consortium Members

  • International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS), www.iccss.eu, - Project Leader – offered ICCSS methodology for development and conduct of Table Top Exercise (TTX) and Command Post Exercises (CPX), and model form for scenario development   
  • Council of Baltic Sea States Secretariat (CBSS), https://cbss.org/  – response to CBRN maritime disasters and pollution.
  • The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, http://www.dse.md – possesses CBRN and natural disaster response capacities and experience in organization and conduct of exercises;
  • Feuerwehr Dortmund -Dortmund Fire Service - possesses CBRN and natural disaster response capacities and experience in organization and conduct of exercises;
  • Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine, https://ldubgd.edu.ua/ is a national leading education and training facility in fire service,
  • National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, https://nuczu.edu.ua/  is a national education leading civil protection facility in Ukraine
  • Fire Safety Works and Services Association in Lithuania, http://www.pdpa.lt – offers technical experience, technology capacities and contacts to conduct practical activities in crisis management;


NET-CBRN-REACT project Partners

  • Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) - possesses CBRN and natural disaster response capacities and experience in organization and conduct of exercises;
  • Fire Service College, Krakow, Poland, http://www.sapsp.pl, is a national leading education and training fire service facility with broad competence in substantive and support staff
  • State Fire and Rescue Service, Ministry of Interior, Latvia, https://www.vugd.gov.lv/;  possesses CBRN disaster response and operational capacities and experience on use of UCPM
  • UN OCHA – provided input on coordination of humanitarian action in CBRN conditions;
  • OPCW – shared experience on alleged use of chemical weapons and international assistance in case of use of chemical weapons.
  •       WHO provided input and shared  experience in the development of TTX and CPX models.