Joining efforts to enhance chemical and environmental safety and security

On 2nd February 2021, the International Centre For Chemical Safety And Security (ICCSS), Warsaw, Poland  And China Controlled Chemicals Association (CCCA), Beijing, China, conducted an international webinar and signed Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU). The webinar was attended by leaders of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), main Chinese industry organisation, and ICCSS partners, who joined and support the MoU and the webinar’s outcomes. The CPCIF, as leading Chinese industry organisation, and CCCA, as leading Chinese association, in the area of chemicals controls and management,  welcome the ICCSS leadership in global efforts to enhance chemical safety and security. In the MoU the Chinese partners expressed their readiness to join and support nationally, regionally and worldwide, the development, implementation and promotion of the ICCSS international programs on chemical safety and security.

During the webinar, the ICCSS, CCCA and CPCIF confirmed their support to increase local, national and international focus on prevention, preparedness and response to mitigate man-made and natural disasters and emergencies. They supported and expressed readiness to assisting the United Nations, the UN Environmental Program (UNEP), International Chemical Conventions, International Health Regulations (IHR), the Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management (SAICM), the Inter-Organization Program for Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC), and national and international activities and efforts towards sustainable chemistry, sound management of chemicals, public and health security, and chemical and environmental safety and security. They recognized the importance of “Responsible Care” program of safety and security practices at industry, that safeguard  workplaces, communities, and the broader environment. They supported the approaches and principles of Green Chemistry that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.

The ICCSS, CCCA and CPCIF agreed to promote the implementation of all provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the development of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) as a platform for cooperation among all stakeholders to reduce chemical threats and enhancing chemical safety and security.

Noting the importance of chemical and environmental safety and security in establishing safe, secure, and sustainable practices in the whole supply chain and all areas of chemical  activities, the CCCA and ICCSS agreed to promote an integrated approach to chemical safety and security, sustainable chemistry approach, chemical pollution prevention, clean up and management for the protection of human health and the environment.

The ICCSS, CCCA and CPCIF agreed to develop and implement the CHEMSS Education R&D Network initiated during Global summit on chemical safety and security - CHEMSS2017 (, as a global gathering of universities, research centers, academic institutions, laboratories, industries and training facilities, which aims to meeting the growing needs in chemical and environmental safety and security education, training, research and talent acquisition. They will support the implementation of the program of  CHEM-FRIENDLY Safety and Security Acknowledgment, initiated at CHEMSS2016, as a voluntary initiative to share and operationalize best practices in chemical safety and security management. They will promoting nationally and internationally the ICCSS led program on local awareness and responsibility in chemical safety and security.

The ICCSS, CCCA and CPCIF will cooperate with and support the international organisations with an emphasis on United Nations, United Nations Environmental program (UNEP), Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), World Health Organisation (WHO), the specialized agencies, industrial associations, civil society organisations, to increase their participation and inputs in efforts reduce chemical threat and enhance environmental safety and security.      

In order to enhance practical cooperation and enhance international activities, the CCCA and the ICCSS agreed to establish, at the ICCSS Headquarters, the ICCSS/CCCA Secretariat.

The ICCSS, CCCA and CPCIF confirmed that their cooperation strives for building a more safe, secure, and sustainable world chemistry with global outreach, awareness-raising, national and industry best practices exchanges, capacity building and cooperation between professionals worldwide.

Beijing, Warsaw,  2nd February, 2021