ICCSS will assist Moldova to develop regional centre for civil protection

Recent visit to Warsaw of Moldova leadership in civil protection confirmed that ICCSS is a leading international partner to assist Moldova European efforts and its alignment with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. ICCSS was requested to coordinate international efforts to upgrade Moldova civil protection and enhance regional cooperation in these regards.

Upon the ICCSS invitation Head of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of Moldova Gen. Mihail Harabagiu and senior staff of General Inspectorate visited Warsaw.

During the meetings at ICCSS it was confirmed a very fruitful and ongoing cooperation between ICCSS and the General Inspectorate in the implementation of the EU funded projects led by the ICCSS. They include EU-CHEM-REACT 2 project (www.ecr.iccss.eu), where Moldova will provide rescue and fire service units for Full Scale Field Exercise in Ukraine (27-29 September, 2021. Moldova provides expertise and best practices within the NET-CBRN-REACT project (http://ncr.iccss.eu/) which promotes and develop Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network (https://ec.europa.eu/echo/what/civil-protection/knowledge-network_en). ICCSS also joined international efforts to assist the development of Moldova volunteer fire service.


Following these concrete and successful ongoing cooperation activities the ICCSS and General Inspectorate signed in Warsaw on 6th June, 2021, bilateral agreement, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), on the cooperation to enhance civil protection. The MoU aims to facilitate and expand the cooperation between ICCSS and Moldova in the development of the projects and joint activities in the areas of prevention, preparedness and response to CBRN and natural disasters, civil protection, fire service, and chemical and environmental safety and security and cybersecurity, including trainings, exercises, and exchange of experts. The MoU provides for the co-operation in the development of National Training Center in Moldova. ICCSS was invited to develop the concept of upgrading the newly developed National Training Center on civil protection in Moldova into the regional centre and coordinate international efforts in its implementation. The MoU also enhances the cooperation with volunteer fire services.


During the Warsaw visit the Moldova Delegation was also met by ret. Gen. Wieslaw Lesniakiewicz, Vice-President of Polish Volunteer Fire Service. The modalities were discussed cooperation between Polish Fire Service Volunteers, Moldova and ICCSS, to develop volunteer fire service in Moldova.


A the conclusion of the visit, ICCSS and the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of Moldova also agreed the regular exchange of visits and experts.