ICCSS vision for integrated industrial cybersecurity and reliability supported at CYBERSEC 2022

During European Cybersecurity Forum on 17-18 May, 202 in Katowice, , ICCSS President Krzysztof Paturej actively promoted ICCSS achievements in the development of an integrated industrial cybersecurity and reliability.


CYBERSEC 2022, https://cybersecforum.eu, was organised under the banner UNITED IN CYBERPOWER. Its aim was to underline that our potential and strength in cyberspace depend on building national capabilities and accelerating them through joint action and mutual support. CYBERSEC 2022 brought together multi-stakeholder community from governments, industries, academia, NGO’s, media, and independent experts.

ICCSS Delegation participated in panel discussions, made presentation during the CYBERSEC 2022 EXPO, and conducted a series of meetings. Amb. K.Paturej, presented ICCSS as a unique non-profit organisation which combined three processes: chemical safety, chemical and environmental security and cybersecurity for chemical industry. Today ICCSS is an international leader in integrated approach to chemical and environmental safety and security and industrial cybersecurity at national, regional and global levels. Being member of G7 Global Partnership, ICCSS operationalizes and internationalizes  best practice, capacity building and cooperation among professionals to reduce chemical threat and promote peaceful uses of chemistry. ICCSS conducts projects on civil protection and reducing chemical threat in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

ICCSS vision for integrated industrial cybersecurity and reliability well received at by the CYBERSEC 2022 participants. They noted that ICCSS innovative approach enhanced cyber resilience of industrial networks (OT) and the development of industrial cybersecurity. They agreed that adequate reliability of control systems and thus the OT cybersecurity in an enterprise is a condition sine qua non for safe handling of industrial processes and business operations. There was a broad interest in ICCSS solutions which include: Manual on Good Practices on Cybersecurity and Reliability in Industry; development of a unique training courses to enhance resilience against cyber threat; development and introduction of professional competences in cyber security and reliability in the industry.

During CYBERSEC 2022 ICCSS promoted the development of the international protocol which will govern the cybersecurity and reliability. This will enable industrial cybersecurity and reliability become a broad, international norm.