ICCSS Inaugurates International Trainers Team

International team of trainers includes practitioners in chemical safety, security and cybersecuritythroughout the chemical production and supply chain and environmental protection from all regions. The Team will use ICCSS methodology and training mechanism based on train the trainers format, exercises, and best practices exchange. The Team will assist in the development of national, local, academic and industrial trainers, especially in Small and Medium Companies, in areas of prevention, preparedness for and response to chemical and environmental threats and disasters, and industrial cybersecurity and reliability.

ICCSS Trainers Team (ICCSS TT) establishment responds to growing lack of relevant expertise and the growing costs of effective management of chemical safety and security and cybersecurity, especially in the developing countries. The ICCSS TT will assist national authorities to implement the relevant international obligations and to introduce national regulatory frameworks. The ICCSS TT will offer capacity building, trainings and exercises to local stakeholders and relevant industries. ICCSS TT  will assist in the development of competent national and local/industry staff to enhance local chemical and environmental safety and security and improve local prevention, preparedness for and response to emergencies.

The ICCSS TT trainings and exercises will enable exchange of information and dissemination of knowledge about ways and means to reduce chemical and environmental threat linked hazardous substances production, transportation, use, storage and disposal. They will activate and integrate all local structures and communities, especially in the private sector and civil society to enhance environmental protection and reduce carbon print. They will include trainings to increase resilience against cyber threats and enhance reliability in industry.  

For more information on ICCSS training offer please go to: https://www.iccss.eu/programs/iccss-training-offer  or contact: d.czerw@remove-this.iccss.eu