ICCSS deepens partnership with Ukraine in civil protection and chemical security

ICCSS President led the Delegation of EU-CHEM-REACT 2 Consortium to Kiev to meet senior officials of State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Civil Protection National Authority). The visit confirmed support of Ukraine authorities to conduct Full Scale Field Exercise (FX), main activity of EU-CHEM-REACT 2 project funded by the EU (www.ecr.iccss.eu) to be held in Lviv on 27-29 September, 2021. FX will be a first major field exercise within EU since COVID-19 pandemic. Ukraine partners confirmed interest to develop new programs with ICCCS in civil protection, chemical safety and security and cybersecurity.

Consortium Delegation led by Amb. K.Paturej, ICCSS President, Consortium leader, was composed of gen. W.Lesniakiewicz, Deputy President of Polish Volunteer Fire Service, gen. M.Harabagiu, Head of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, and Prof. Miroslav  Koval, Rector of Lviv State University of Life Safety.


The program of the visit included meeting with  gen.Mykola Chechotkin, Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and gen. Ruslan Biloshytstskyi, Deputy Head and Plenary session with officials of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and head of Emergency Service in Lviv (where FX will be conducted).


Gen. Mykola Chechotkin informed about Ukraine intertest in deepening cooperation with EU and alignment with Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM). He confirmed support for Full Scale Field Exercise to be conducted as planned, taking into account the development of COVID-19 pandemic. State Emergency Service of Ukraine will provide all the necessary support, including nomination and operation of relevant national contact point and UCPM activation, participation of Ukraine intervention team during FX, including aviation, facilitation of border crossing procedures. (www.ecr.iccss.eu)


During the Plenary Session the Full Scale Field Exercise torganization, logistics and leading episodes ( were confirmed. It was further agreed to seek cooperation with State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine to consider another episode on cyber attack on communication infrastructure during FX what could disrupt the FX conduct. The Covid-19 safety and security procedures proposed for the Exercise l were agreed. All the participants shall be vaccinated. The international teams will be isolated and function independently. There will be a limited VIPs and EU Observer program


This very successful visit to Kiev enabled to confirm an ongoing  support and active participation of  State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Exercise.


In bilateral meetings the strengthened dialogue was agreed between ICCSS and Ukraine to align Ukraine with Union Civil Protection and enhance chemical safety and security cooperation. Ukraine-Moldova-ICCSS cooperation was established to support the Moldova in European projects to develop neighbourhood relations in civil protection and volunteer fire service.