ICCSS actively participated in Warsaw NATO „Resilience Symposium 2022”

During NATO Resilience Symposium 2022 in Warsaw on 4-6 May, 2022, ICCSS presented and promoted its vision and activities on cybersecurity and reliability to enhance resilience of industry against cyber threats thus enhance/achieve a greater resilience.


Cyber Symposium co-organised between Poland, NATO Headquarters and Supreme Allied Command Transformation, brought together Allied and Partner civilian and military leaders, policy makers and experts. They discussed ways to reduce vulnerabilities and ensure that NATO can operate in peace, crisis, and conflict.


In his statement and discussion ICCSS President offered a new, integrated approach to industrial cybersecurity. He outlined ICCSS innovative approach to move attention towards  enhancing cyber resilience of industrial networks (OT) and the development of industrial cybersecurity. Amb. Paturej that adequate reliability of control systems and thus the OT cybersecurity in an enterprise is a condition sine qua non for safe handling of industrial processes and business operations. The ICCSS offered not only an innovative approach but presented concrete solutions. They included 3 core activities being developed by the ICCSS over last years. They include: Manual on Good Practices on Cybersecurity and Reliability in Industry; development of a unique training courses to enhance resilience against cyber threat; development and introduction of professional competences in cyber security and reliability in the industry.


Symposium participants noted and highlighted that ICCSS brings together the US and European solutions in developing and implementing industrial cybersecurity and reliability. There was a broad support for word of Amb. Paturej about a need for building common or united US/European approach, to develop a broad international regulatory framework for industrial cybersecurity and reliability. He promotes the development of the international protocol which will govern the cybersecurity and reliability. This will enable industrial cybersecurity and reliability become a broad, international norm.