First Group of Jordan Trainers in Chemical Safety and Security certified

On 2nd September, 2021 in Warsaw a group of 15 Jordan representatives successfully concluded an intensive training program and received ICCSS certificates as trainers in chemical safety and security. They will constitute a core group of trainers at the regional centre for chemical safety and security (ChemReg), being developed at Amman CBRN Centre, as part of the project sponsored by France. The Jordan trainers include a female stream, to conduct training courses and exercises for woman and youth from the Middle East in prevention, preparedness for and response to chem-bio and environmental disasters.

The training organized by ICCSS included a series of and practical activities on 30 August – 2nd September 2021 , including working session at Lublin airport, visit to chemical plant and lectures in Warsaw. The training was a second, concluding, part of the ICCSS Basic Train the Trainers Course on Chemical Safety and Security. The first part was conducted in Amman in August 2021 by the ICCSS International Training Team of experts from Egypt, Jordan, Netherlands and Poland.


These Jordan trainers will conduct at ChemReg, in mid-September 2021, , jointly with ICCSS, a first national course on chemical and environmental safety and security for all relevant Jordanian government agencies and relevant industries. In end October 2021 they will run, at ChemReg, a first Pilot Train the Trainers Regional Course. ChemReg will initiate by end of 2021 national trainers courses, starting from training the Lebanese trainers, with an emphasis on air, land and sea transportation and storage of dangerous goods. The first regional course will be organized together with an international meeting on chemical safety and security in the Middle East.


ChemReg will offer trainers courses, exercises, best practices exchanges, and capacity building within 3 streams: local Arabic stream for national and regional stakeholders; international English stream for international stakeholders, and female stream. ChemReg female trainers will assist to prepare female trainers and conduct training courses in prevention, preparedness for and response to chem-bio and environmental disasters. The ChemReg develops Jordan as regional hub for chemical safety and security as part of the international Middle East Chemical Safety and Security Program, initiated by the ICCSS.