All the best, More Health and Cooperation in enhancing Chemical Safety and Cybersecurity in 2021

Dear ICCSS Members, Friends, Partners and Supporters,

2020 was year unlike any other. Covid-19 has had a lasting impact on all of us. ICCSS survey confirmed that chemical activities have been affected by COVID-19 outbreak, with immediate impacts on disrupting supply chain, reduced staffing, diminished monitoring and controls, and growing cyber threats, including increase in phishing attacks and online scam. Therefore chemical safety and security and cybersecurity shall remain a top priority of national and international efforts in 2021 and years to come.

Looking back, I am proud to see that the ICCSS chemical safety and security and cybersecurity agenda and programs have developed and moved forward, despite the restrictions and growing uncertainties.

This year we adapted remote work and connected on-line with ICCSS multiple stakeholders and partners. Jointly we succeeded and continued in 2020 important activities. We have developed and started the implementation of new programs to enhance chemical safety and security and cybersecurity locally, nationally, regionally and worldwide.

We actively participated in G7 Global Partnership, under effective US Presidency, where we promoted and secured support for the regional approach to chemical safety and security, with an emphasis on civil protection. We are happy, that the G7 Global Partnership welcome ICCSS and Jordan jointly developed Middle East Chemical Security Program. Thanks to France funding, we started the Middle Chemical East Security Program implementation already in late 2020. The program will develop Jordan as regional hub for chemical safety and security, with an emphasis on trainings, exercises and best practices exchanges. An important element of the program is moving the EU and NATO capacities in civil protection to the Middle East.

Within ICCSS implemented EU-CHEM-REACT program, financed by EU, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova are engaged in the development of modern civil protection and chemical threat reduction. We engage our partners from the European Union, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and international organisations in the development of cross-regional networks of sharing knowledge, best practices and capacity building in chemical threat reduction and disaster risk management, within newly EU funded project NET-CBRN-REACT.  EU-CHEM-REACT and NET-CBRN-REACT are visible examples of building civil protection and chemical threat reduction without borders.

We placed cybersecurity as top priority  to enhance chemical safety and security. ​​ICCSS has actively enhanced cybersecurity culture, best practices and capacity building, in chemical and energy sectors. ICCSS lead the development, within an international Group, of the  Manual on Good Practices on Cybersecurity and Reliability in the Chemical and Energy Carriers Industries. It will help build awareness of cyber attacks and spread the cybersecurity culture. ICCSS has initiated the development of international education and training programs for industrial cybersecurity and reliability. Upon the ICCSS initiative, 3 market competences in industrial cybersecurity and reliability were officially released in Poland in the end 0f 2020. ICCSS has initiated partnerships among the international organisations, with an emphasis on the UN system and the OPCW, in strengthening cybersecurity in the chemical and environmental activities.

ICCSS received in 2020  observer status to United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). With the accreditation to and partnership  with UNEP, ICCSS received new opportunities to enhance chemical safety and security and cybersecurity through United Nations system.

I can say with confidence that in 2020 ICCSS strengthened its position as an international leader and reliable partner and participant of the global process of chemical and cybersecurity development.

I invite you to read more about ICCSS work and achievements on our website:

All these success stories presented above were developed and implemented with an active participation of the members of ICCSS Global Team. ICCSS Global Team became a new, important stakeholder in global efforts to enhance chemical safety and security and cybersecurity. Composed of  prominent representatives of the world of politics, diplomacy, science and industry from all over the world who, on a personal basis, the Members have supported ICCSS efforts to improve chemical and security safety and cybersecurity. Representatives of the ICCSS Global Team from Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Japan, Jordan, Canada, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine actively participated, at the invitation of the USA, in the work of the G7 Global Partnership.


Plans for 2021

In 2021, we will continue the priorities for the development of regional chemical safety in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We will conduct the largest field exercises in Eastern Europe in Ukraine in civil protection and crisis management, as a core activity of  the EU-CHEM-REACT 2 program. We initiate new projects in Southeast Asia and Africa. We will conduct the international launch of the Good Practice Guide for Cybersecurity and Reliability in the Chemical and Energy Sectors. We will implement first educational projects and training programs as part of new qualifications in cybersecurity and reliability in industry. We will intensify the implementation of innovative ICCSS programs: Local Responsibility and Awareness in Chemical Safety and the ChemFriendly in Chemical Safety and Security certificate. As part of the international partnership created by ICCSS, we will support efforts to strengthen the chemical security of chemical weapons and ammunition in the Baltic Sea. We intensify our presence and enhance chemical safety and security and cybersecurity within United Nations and international organisations.

Now it is the time to say “Thank you for joining and supporting us on this exciting journey”. We are very much looking forward to seeing you next year - furthering together chemical safety and security and cybersecurity.

We wish you all the best and More Happiness, More Health, and More Cooperation in Safety & Security and Cybersecurity in 2021

With Best Regards,
Amb. Krzysztof Paturej & ICCSS Team