Dr. Andrzej Kozak

Andrzej Kozak has a large industrial experience with more than 35 years’ experience in safety process industry and safety and security management.

Andrzej Kozak has acquired a vast expertise and knowledge in industrial process, mainly chemical, petrochemical, potable and waste water treatment, thanks to his operational, including a plant manager position and scientific experience.

Andrzej Kozak setup and managed a team in the field of risk and reliability assessment of industrial processes mainly for oil & gas, energy, chemical and petrochemical sector. His expertise and know-how is recognized by national and international clients.

Andrzej Kozak has several publications on cybersecurity matters in industry, an emerging topic among market leaders.

He graduated from Chemical and Process Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology and achieved a PhD degree from the Polish Academy of Sciences – Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Andrzej Kozak is also lecturer at the Technical University of Lodz, in reliability and cybersecurity.


Areas of Expertise 

•           Risk analysis for process industry e.g. chemistry, petrochemistry, gas industry, power engineering, food industry, water purification and supply system and drug manufacturing industry .

•           Risk analysis for critical infrastructure like gas and fuel pipelines

•           Technical due diligence  - equipment lifetime and use level

•           Reliability and cybersecurity of industrial control systems

•           Proactive management of plant reliability and cybersecurity

•           Reliability and cybersecurity of industrial IoT  and Industry 4.0


Key experience gained

•           HAZOP analysis acc. to EN IEC 61882, +100 processes assessed for gas & oil, petrochemical, chemical and energy industries

•           FMEA analysis acc. to EN IEC 60812 for machinery industry

•           Process management from analysis to certificate issuance acc. to EN IEC 61508 and 61511 – for producers on functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related systems

•           Certification and conformity assessment according Safety Integrity Level (SIL) standards for users: SIL allocation, calculation, verification and validations

•           Reliability and cybersecurity of industrial control systems and safety related systems (EVD -Emergency Vent Down, ESD - Emergency Shutdown)

•           Functional Safety Management Certification Systems – led of the certification process

•           Fluid dynamics calculation and control for pipeline infrastructure

•           Engineering process and control system for waste water treatment plant

•           Team and process management