Mohamed El Zarka

Mohamed El Zarka is an internationally recognized expert in the field of environment protection, a member of international, regional and national environmental organizations and NGO’s. He serves as Chairman of High Committee of Accreditation of the Environmental Experts and Chairman of National Steering Committee, Global Environmental Facility (GEF)/Small Grants Program (SGP). He is a member of  Board of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and a member of ICCSS Global Team.

Mohamed El Zarka got a bachelor of arts degree in chemistry, geology and military studies in Egypt. He studied chemical engineering and defence against Weapons of Mass Destruction in USSR. He got PhD in chemistry in Cairo and continued his studies in Sweden and the US.

Mohamed El Zarka worked for the Egyptian Army in Chemical Warfare Department. He served as senior advisor of Minister of Scientific Research and Head of the Environmental Sector (Social Fund for Development). He was engaged in editing Basel Convention. In collaboration with United Nations, he conducted several workshops and trainings, focusing on management of chemical wastes.