Sławomir Neffe

He graduated in chemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry and Technical Physics of the Military Technical Academy in Warsaw (1973). He has been working at WAT since 1973 as a professional soldier, and since 2002 as a civilian academic teacher. There he was also awarded the title of Doctor of Technical Sciences (1978), received his postdoctoral degree (1989) and became professor of technical sciences in material engineering (2004). Currently, he is employed as full professor (since 2004), Head of the Department of Radiometry and Contamination Monitoring at the Institute of Chemistry of the Faculty of New Technologies and Chemistry at the University (since 2007). Previously, he was, among others, Head of the Department of Chemistry, Head of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Defense. He actively worked in national and international scientific committees and organizations:

    Member of the Advisory Panel of the Security-Related Civil Science & Technology (2001 - 2003);
    Inspector of the International Commission for Monitoring and Verification of Chemical Weapons in Iraq - UNMOVIC (2002/2003);
    Member of the Chemistry, Biology and Physics Panel of the NATO Scientific Committee (2004-2006);
    Member of the Scientific and Programme Board of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (since 2011);
    Member of three terms of the Scientific Council of the Military Institute of Engineering Technology in Wrocław and three terms of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw;
    Chairman of NATO's working subgroup LG7, SIBCRA - Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Warfare Agents (Brussels, 2001 - 2003);
    Member of the Programme Board of the International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (since 2012);
    Organizer and leader of the NATO Specialist Course in Poland on the subject: "Identification and Neutralization of Chemical Improvised Explosives" with 25 foreign participants (2014);
    Multiple reviewer of Scientific and Development Projects of the European Defence Agency - EDA (2011 - 2013).

His scientific output includes about 70 original scientific papers, 5 Polish patents and patent applications; 5 monographic papers and several dozen papers, conference announcements, reports on research and research and implementation works. He published his scientific papers in international journals such as: Carbon, Journal of Thermal Analysis, Electrochimica Acta, Journal of Chromatography and others, as well as in national journals such as Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Industry, WAT Bulletin. Between 1990-2014 he managed 24 research and implementation works, including international projects. Many of the scientific solutions developed by him or under his direction have found practical application. The most important include the development of an electrochemical method of activating carbon fibre surfaces, the development and implementation of a new carbon sorbent with bactericidal properties for drinking water purification, the development of an industrial method of disposing of adamsites and others. He received awards: Gold Cross of Merit (1992), Medal of National Education, Gold Medal of the Armed Forces in the Service of the Homeland (1991), Gold Medal for Merit for National Defence (1994), Gold Medal of the Minister of Environment "Merit for Environmental Protection". (1994); and numerous departmental and university awards.