Pavel Castulik

Pavel CASTULIK is former R&D senior Director of the Czechoslovakian Military R&D Establishment for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Protection in Brno His R&D activities as the senior scientist was associated with decontamination and personal protection technologies, chemical and radiology/nuclear safety for more than 30 years. He took a part in the UN Special Commission for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons destruction program in Iraq during 1991-1992. Since 1993 till 2003 he was senior staff member of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Since 2003 he is volunteer member of the Protection Network Panel of the Technical Secretariat for the OPCW. The membership includes the activity as the expert on matters of chemical weapons protection within prime program the Assistance and Co-operation to States Parties of the Convention. Expertise topics includes inter alia detection, monitoring and identification of CBRN, personnel and collective protection against CBRN hazardous materials, contamination avoidance and control, decontamination, emergency medical response countermeasures, response to CBRN incidents, Investigation of Alleged Use of CBRN Weapons, disarmament/verification and demilitarization of CWs, and non-proliferation of WMD. Dr. Castulik extensively lecturing on CBRNE matters for law enforcement, EOD, medical emergency services and first responders’ communities. He is the member of the Association for Crisis Preparedness of the Health and Co-editor of the journal “Crisis Preparedness of the Health” and maintains collaboration with the National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection. Currently he is lecturing at the Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX), Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.