The key activity of the ICCSS is the development, organization and conducting of the training courses in the area of chemical safety and security. It includes development of curriculum, professional development of personnel and creating training programs and training methodologies based on known local and international standards. We are now moving forward to promote knowledge sharing, introduction of new technologies and material in utilizing toxic waste. In our activities we use our expertise from both local and international conditions. We make use of international experiences and avoid duplication of work and efforts.

We address those trainings to employees of industry, university, international institutions and local administration who wish to implement good standards ensuring safety. We also focus on small and medium enterprises to help them achieve good standards.

Trainings are not only lectures. We put a big emphasis on practical exercises which include visits to industrial plants and conduct of exercise, including field and table-top exercises. ICCSS began cooperation with a number of institutions who it will cooperate with such as: Border Control, Customs and Polish Fire Service, technical and environmental inspections.