Among the different elements in the educational and learning process the TTX occupies a pivotal role. It enables assessment of capability after a partial and or complete training program, by evaluating that knowledge, proficiency and adequacy of practices, procedures, emergency plans, communications and critical thinking and decisions processes are supportive of timely and responsive Chemical Safety and Security actions. The TTX’s utility extends beyond the local Industry and is inclusive of state, public and other private sector entities were their roles, responsibilities, available resources and capabilities are aligned as an integrated whole. In this regard the TTX is tied to each of the different participant groups and their respective training modules. It allows not only the assessment of knowledge acquired by specific groups but also how the entire community whether local or professional, and its acquired knowledge interacts as a well coordinated whole to avoid risks and respond to Chemical safety and security incidents.

The TTX requires preparation time and resources by both the host and the participants therefore commitment is essential. The successful TTX has a well planned and relevant scenario, attainable goals and objectives, well informed assumptions, enthusiastic participants, a skilled facilitator and evaluation team and a strong emphasis on the evaluation and the post-exercise processes.