ICCSS - Ukraine cooperation

The program was developed in cooperation with Ukrainian partners from industry, science, academia and the non-governmental sector. It is being conducted within the framework of the European perspectives of Ukraine, the objectives of the Eastern Partnership, and promotion of peace and security including implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the UNSCR 1540 (2004). The core objective is to enhance chemical safety and security in the development, production, use, trade and transportation of toxic chemicals and energy carriers, and safe disposal of toxic wastes.

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  • The OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre, 
  • the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA); 
  • Ukrainian Chemists Union (UCU), with ICCSS acting as international coordinator. 


Program development

         1. Kiev round-table (11-12 December 2014)


         2. Vienna stakeholders meeting hosted by OSCE (24-25 February 2015)


         3. Munich meeting of G7 Global Partnership Working Group (22-24 April 2015)

                   Statement by Ambassador Verba


Program activities

  • Comprehensive review;
  • Transit;
  • Local awareness

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CHEMSS 2016 Ukraine Forum on Chemical Safety and Security

The Ukraine Chemical Security Forum (UCSF) will examine the concept, implementation and outcomes of the Integrated Chemical Safety and Security Program (ICSSP) in Ukraine, a joint undertaking of the Ukrainian Chemists Union, OSCE and ICCSS launched in early 2015 to enhance Ukraine’s CBRN security. The forum will be co-organized by the Ukrainian Chemists Union and the ICCSS with the support of the OSCE as part of the ICSSP.

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Amb. Krzysztof Paturej – ICCSS President of the Board

Phone: (office) +48 22 4362044

(mobile) +48 514747999      

e-mail: k.paturej@remove-this.iccss.eu


Mr. Oleksandr Sadovskyi - Senior Specialist, Scientific & Technical Centre, Ukrainian Chemists Union

Phone: (office)  +38 044 516 8684

(mobile) +38 097 9630731

e-mail: rc.office@remove-this.chemunion.org.ua