ICCSS proposals on reducing chemical threats supported in the work of the G7 Group

ICCSS Delegation actively participated in the G7 Global Partnership Working Group meeting against the spread of materials and weapons of mass destruction in Paris, on 9-10 October 2019. The group noted and supported the ICCSS proposals to enhance regional chemical safety and security, and highly assessed the ICCSS coordinated the pilot project on chemical safety and security in Jordan and the Middle East, and ICCSS proposals to enhance resilience against cyber threats and reliability in chemical and petrochemical industries.    

In the opening plenary statement, Amb. Krzysztof Paturej, ICCSS President, highlighted  growing chemical threats in the regions of tensions, especially in the Middle East. ICCSS, as a leading global leading in chemical safety and security  actively supports and provides concrete solutions to reduce chemical threats. ICCSS brings together chemical safety and security leaders and practitioners from government, international organizations, industry, academia and civil society in an industry-oriented, science-based, and non-political forum. He thanked in these regards especially the US and Canadian Governments for providing serious financial resources and expertise to enhance chemical security worldwide.

ICCSS President thanked the international donors, especially the US and Canadian Governments, for providing significant financial support and expertise to enhance chemical security worldwide.

ICCSS jointly with Jordan partners from Jordan Armed Forces reported on the successful outcomes of the pilot project financed by US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) on chemical safety and security in Jordan and the Middle East. They jointly presented the Road Map with the concrete steps forward to implement effective chemical security in Jordan and share with this Jordan experience with the countries of the region. The implementation of the proposed program based on the road map will move Jordan from the role of recipient of chemical security to provider of chemical security for the whole Middle East region.   

ICCSS presented a unique approach to enhance cybersecurity, resilience against cyber threats and reliability, for chemical and petrochemical industries. Mr. Adrian Met, CEO of Metegrity Co., Member  of the ICCSS Global  Team, has introduced the ICCSS vision to introduce digital security solutions instead of paper security.

The ICCSS Delegation has conducted many bilateral meetings and received support on its current programs in the Middle East and Easter Europe, including, inter alia,  from France, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, EU, OPCW, Interpol.