FAQ: Supporting ICCSS

1. How I can support ICCSS?

In order to support ICCSS led activities by your expertise, please visit chemss.dqcloud2.pl/CHEMSSEDU R&D NETWORK [link do CHEMSS EDU] to verify, whether your domain of excellency overlaps with the activities of ICCSS. 

If you would like to join ICCSS and support our activity as a member of Global Team – please refer to the dedicated webpage – chemss.dqcloud2.pl/GlobalTeam [link] and send an inquiry to president@iccss.eu with your detailed CV and cover letter.

To get involved in ICCSS activities as a part of the ICCSS Team, please regularly visit Join us section, where we publish about ICCSS career opportunities.

In order to establish organisational partnership or you have proposals for cooperation  please contact: president@iccss.eu, with copy to info@iccss.eu.