FAQ: ICCSS Training Offers

1. What make ICCSS Training offer different from others?

ICCSS Training offers is developed on the basis of state-of-art practices, research, innovations and knowledge by world renowned experts. All courses are build on the ICCSS Training Mechanism provides for integration/harmonization of chemical and environmental safety and chemical security, and cybersecurity.  

The ICCSS Training Mechanism is composed of  3 leading components:
1) Training courses developed in the format train the trainers, for all stakeholders engaged in chemical, bio and environmental activities;
2) Exercises, with an emphasis on Table Top Exercises (TTX), with ICCS own developed methodology;
3) Best practices exchanges and cooperation with specialists.

2. What is ICCSS basic training in chemical safety and security?

The training offers tailored sets of courses provide a comprehensive understanding of international and national regulatory frameworks in chemical, biological and environmental areas, addressed to industry, government and academia decision makers and practitioners.
The course also provides the basic understanding of cyber-threats and ways to mitigate them.

Apart from the chemical-related issues, we show a strong focus on effective management system. We offer help in implementing ISO 27001:2005 standard, which puts information security under strict management order. Moreover, together with AGH University of Technology, we are developing a unique OKIT methodology - a structured method for the development of security management system for an effective protection of information assets in industry and systems.

For more information, please visit: [link Regulatory Framework]

3. What I get from the Training Program on Local Awareness and Responsibility in Chemical Safety and Security

We approach each partner individually. Although we do have a detailed catalogue of courses, we prefer to interview the interested parties or our trainees first in order to tailor training to meeting hazardous substances challenges specific to participating party.  Participants will also gain knowledge of international framework regulating chemical sector. This knowledge may allow to expand participants partnerships options.

Besides tailored made trainings, and skills, ICCSS training program enables development of partnerships and the local interface between administrations, local authorities, citizens and users of chemicals at the local level.
ICCSS also gives great attention to capacity-building for research, development, storage, production, and safe use of chemicals and bio-materials.

For more information, please visit: [link Local Awareness and ChemFriendly]

4. What is a unique value of ICCSS trainings in cybersecurity and reliability?

ICCSS designed and developed set of trainings to enhance cybersecurity in chemical industries on the basis of the unique ICCSS integrated  approach: Industry Cybersecurity – Resilience Against Cyber-Attacks – Reliability. This approach makes cybersecurity an investment not a cost for company.

ICCSS concentrates on practical aspects, by promoting digital integrity of systems which provides safety, security, reliability, integrated Risk Based Management, develops professional competences in the topic of Cybersecurity and Operational technologies (OT),

We operationalize and internationalize the state-of-art expertise from world leading institutions and professionals, innovative technologies and latest trends, basing on world standards and best cybersecurity policy practices.

For more information, please visit: [link Industry Cybersecurity and Reliability]

5. What is the unique value of the Jordan training course?

The course is a core element of the process of developing the coordination among the Jordanian partners and international/neighbouring entities with the focus on preventing misuse of toxic chemicals in transborder context, while concentrating on strengthening national and regional prevention and preparedness against chemical threats through assistance and cooperation.

The ICCSS flexible and focused modular training course is designed to guide step-by-step towards obtaining an in-depth understanding and knowledge of chemical safety and security, taking into account regional specificities and indicative risks.  Furthermore, it provides with the environment to practice a cooperation between industrial and political institutions, and gaining and sharing organizational experience. Along with the gaining comprehensive knowledge and best practices in management of chemical safety and security processes, throughout the chemical cycle, participants have the opportunity  to establish an informal network and contact list of participants and supporters from Jordan and international partners.

For more information, please visit: [link Middle East  program]

6. Can I enlarge my training curriculum/modify it?

Yes, the curricula of training are designed in a way to be adapted accordingly to the needs of the participating states. There is possibility to extend the curriculum upon discussion.