1. What I get from joining ICCSS Local Awareness initiative?

The participating party will get substantive knowledge and skills in management of hazard substances  in terms of  the production, storage, use, transport by rail and by road dangerous goods, including chemicals, energy and waste. You will possess the knowledge of best practices and procedures, minimizing risks related to hazardous materials, developed within the CHEMSS Process.

As a consequence, participating party will be operating in a more risk-aware, secure and safe environment. The Initiative also supports development of partnerships and the local interface between administrations, local authorities, citizens and users of chemicals at the local level, to further promote, scale-up and support good practices and sustainable management.

For more information, please visit: [link Local Awareness And ChemFriendly]

2. Is CHEM-FRIENDLY for me?

CHEM-Friendly is for you, if you are a company which deals with the chemical sector, operating processes related to hazard substances, such as production; transport; storage; industry waste management.

Receipt of CHEM-FRIENDLY Acknowledgement is a confirmation that the company is aware of the requirements and acts responsibly in the area of chemical safety and security. CHEM-Friendly Acknowledgement opens partnership and investment opportunities, with CHEM-Friendly enterprises. At the same time it supports the chemical safety and security culture and promotes its strengthening globally, along with the Declarations of CHEMSS 2016 and CHEMSS2017.

For more information, please visit: [[link Local Awareness And ChemFriendly]

3. Why I should join ICCSS Industry Cybersecurity and Reliability?

ICCSS Industry Cybersecurity and Reliability constitutes an attractive investment in strengthening resilience against cyberattacks and reliability of the industrial operations, as more reliable, stable and resilient is able to gain higher income and provide with more secure, reliable products and services, increasing it trustworthiness and credibility, in case of industrial enterprise it means its worth.

For more information, please visit: [Industry Cybersecurity and Reliability Portal]

4. What gives me participation in Dialogue and cooperation Hub?

As a result of participation in Dialogue and cooperation Hub, you will be able to receive:
•    effective organization and support of public authorities;
•    legal liability of companies for compliance with sustainability criteria;
•    a possibility of open dialogue between public authorities, the management of the area and businesses;
•    partners’ willingness to work together;
•    risk reduction activities by the conclusion of appropriate contracts;
•    support from authorities in implementing the authorization procedure.

For more information, please visit: [link Dialogue and cooperation Hub]

5. Are the ICCSS webinars free of charge? If not, do you preview discounts?

ICCSS Webinars will be available free of charge.

For more information, please visit: [link ICCSS Webinars]

6. What opportunities gives ICCSS Global Team membership?

ICCSS Global Team membership provides opportunities for professional aspiring to develop and apply state-of-art solutions in practice, to make a contribution in practice, in real life projects. You will have the possibility to cooperate  with stakeholders from developed and developing countries, and gain international multidimensional perspective on CBRN issues.

For more information, please visit: [link ICCSS Global Team]