FAQ: Worldwide presence

1. What are the ICCSS international connections?

ICCSS,  headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, has developed worldwide presence, as a globally acting independent institution, cooperation hub and the worldwide network.

ICCSS has invited recognized leaders and practitioners from all-over the world to implement these activities and brands locally, nationally and internationally on  chem-bio and environmental safety and security issues within.  

ICCSS has developed a series of international partnerships with governments, international organizations, associations, industries, academia, media.

2. Does ICCSS supports international health, environmental and security arrangements?

ICCSS actively promotes the implementation of the World Health Organization /WHO/ International Health Regulations /IHR 2000/, to improve global abilities to detect, assess, report, and respond to health events of international concern. The ICCSS promotes and works in line with Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management /SAICM/, Inter-Organisation Programme for Sound Management of Chemicals /IOMC/,the national and international activities towards sound management of chemicals, and the Chemical Conventions.

The ICCSS actively cooperates with the OPCW and promotes the implementation of the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention. The ICCSS promotes the comprehensive implementation of the provisions of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004).

3. What are the ICCSS international partners?

To promote international cooperation in order to meet the challenges of growing chemical, biological, environmental and cyber threats, ICCSS seeks global consensus that chemistry should not be an area of conflict and political competition. ICCSS seeks an integrated system of chemical safety and security should be promoted as part of international security, which includes environmental and health security. ICCSS has developed a global net of partners to reduce chemical, biological, environmental and cyber threats and enhance chemical security, based on a whole-society or whole-government approach.

The ICCSS has established formal agreement of cooperation and partnerships in the development and conduct of programs and/or activities.  

ICCSS has developed partnerships with over 200 local and national authorities, industrial associations, international organizations and civil societies,  private sector, science, practitioners and experts, academia. ICCSS  seeks the world where all activities with chemicals,  including their development, production, use and disposal, are safe, secure and environmentally friendly on the basis of integrated approach.

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4. What is ICCSS Dialogue and Cooperation Hub?

ICCSS Dialogue and Cooperation Hub serves for supporting and promoting entrepreneurs with  innovative services, processes and products. ICCSS was created as a common connection point for users and providers innovative services, processes, products in chemical-environmental safety, security and cybersecurity, which meet highest safety, security and environmental standards. These tools assist resolving CBRN local, national and regional conflicts, beyond formal networks.

Via ICCSS hub we offer an Alternative Dialogue Avenue – CBRN ADA, which connects governments, industries, local sides that could not agree on how to achieve common position, agreement or understanding, in CBRN areas.

For more information, please visit [link do ICCSS Dialogue and Cooperation Hub]