FAQ: Approach & Activities

1. What is our approach?

The ICCSS leads efforts to introduce GLOBAL GOVERNANCE within those dimensions, which will help to increase chemical safety and security locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

ICCSS seeks Global Cooperation And Audience, as a founding principle, to develop and offer chemical-environmental safety and security and cybersecurity in the whole chain of chemical activities. ICCSS supports evolution of chemical sector towards sustainability and reduction of chemical threats.  ICCSS initiates and leads whole-society or whole-government partnerships, with emphasis on REGIONAL APPROACH.

ICCSS has introduced Global Policy Guidelines by developing global declarations on development of international cooperation to enhance chemical safety and security culture and promotion of sustainable chemistry and process safety.
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2. With whom we cooperate?

The underlying belief of the ICCSS is the view that global cooperation in chem-bio and environmental safety and security is an essential conditions in the safe and secure research, manufacturing and trade of chemicals.

Since its inception, in 2011 ICCSS pioneered efforts to develop international cooperation among leaders and practitioners in all disciplines of chemical, biological and environmental  safety and security and from all stakeholder communities, such as government, international organizations, industry, academia and civil society networks to meet global chem-bio and environmental threats.

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3. What is multi-stakeholder participation in ICCSS activities?

Due to the use of chemical at every level of social life, the stakeholders include Governments and relevant national agencies, relevant industries, including chemical associations and private companies, laboratories, international organisations involved in the international security and peaceful uses of chemistry, civil society, including scientific community and NGO’s, independent experts, and information circles.

All stakeholders, including governments, regulatory bodies, industry, academia, non-governmental organizations and the media, are encouraged by the ICCSS to fully commit to enhancing chemical safety and security culture, maintain robust communication and coordination of activities at national and international levels, and join ICCSS international efforts in the areas of chemical and environmental safety and security.

4. What are ICCSS leading activities?

ICCSS is a catalyst for secure and environmentally friendly use of chemicals and chemical threat reduction in traditional and alternative ways. We operate on and develop six leading activities:  GLOBAL GOVERNANCE, REGULATORY FRAMEWORK, LOCAL AWARENESS and ChemFriendly,  GLOBAL MARKET,  INDUSTRY CYBERSECURITY AND RELIABILITY, and CHEMSS EDU R&D Network.

They enhance chemical and environmental safety and security and industry cybersecurity at local, national, regional and global levels.

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5. Are the ICCSS webinars free of charge? If not, do you preview discounts?

ICCSS webinars are free of charge.

For more information, please visit: ICCSS Webinars

6. Are practical trainings envisaged as part of training activities? Do you have particular sites in mind?

Training cirriculum depends on the offer and the client's needs.

7. What make ICCSS Training offer different from others?

ICCSS Training offers is developed on the basis of state-of-art practices, research, innovations and knowledge by world renowned experts. All courses are build on the ICCSS Training Mechanism provides for integration/harmonization of chemical and environmental safety and chemical security, and cybersecurity.  

The ICCSS Training Mechanism is composed of  3 leading components:
1) Training courses developed in the format train the trainers, for all stakeholders engaged in chemical, bio and environmental activities;
2) Exercises, with an emphasis on Table Top Exercises (TTX), with ICCS own developed methodology;
3) Best practices exchanges and cooperation with specialists.

8. What opportunities gives ICCSS Global Team membership?

ICCSS Global Team membership provides opportunities for professional aspiring to develop and apply, together with stakeholders from developed and developing countries, joint solutions on integrated/harmonized chemical and environmental safety and security, and industrial cybersecurity and reliability, and promote sustainability and security basing on state-of art research, practices and innovations. It gives you possibility to become a member in the global network of experts with extensive CBRN expertise.