1. Who we are?

ICCSS is a non-profit, independent international foundation situated in Warsaw, (Poland) which pioneers integrated and harmonized  chemical-environmental safety and security and industry cybersecurity solutions. We seek their implementation locally, nationally regionally and globally to reduce chemical threats and enhance public security, environmental protection and sustainable chemistry.

2. Give information on the organisation’s sources of funding

ICCSS as a non-profit foundation does not receive direct funding or subsidies from any institution. The funding sources come from the international grants for projects the ICCSS applies and receives, from featured donations for joint activities conducted with the international donors,  and from ICCSS training and education activities.

International partners and donors are invited to make voluntary contributions and offer support in-kind, to help ICCSS to develop and introduce chemical-environmental safety and security and cybersecurity solutions for all relevant stakeholders, locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

We  acknowledge on the challenges posed by an increasing competition for fewer and fewer financial and expertise resources. We conduct our activities in transparent and cost-effective manner to ensure that funding of the donors achieve agreed results. We increasingly coordinate activities with relevant international partners in order to avoid duplication and gaps.

For more information, please visit chemss.dqcloud2.pl/joinusnow section.

3. What do we do?

ICCSS identifies, operationalizes and internationalizes best practices, capacity building, standards and regulatory measures, for local, national and regional stakeholders from governments, international organizations, industries, academia, civil society and youth, to enhance chemical safety and security efforts and cybersecurity with cost effective and universal solutions. Thus we develop global chemical safety and security governance and promote chemical safety and security culture and sustainable chemistry.

ICCSS ground breaking work to identify and fill gaps in existing national, international and industry standards and practices, to raise awareness and promote new tools that can be utilized to enhance safety and security and reduce cyber risks, combined with our global networks and partnerships, elevates chemical and environmental safety, security and cybersecurity as global priorities.

ICCSS promotes and develops global market chemical-environmental safety and security and cybersecurity which offer universal, inexpensive and user friendly products, services or processes which meet highest safety, security and environmental standards.

For more detailed information on our activities, please visit our project portal: chemss.dqcloud2.pl/ourprojects

4. With whom we cooperate?

ICCSS seeks Global Cooperation and Audience, as a founding principle, to develop and offer chemical-environmental safety and security and cybersecurity in the whole chain of chemical activities towards sustainability and reduce chemical threat.

ICCSS initiates and leads cooperation through assistance and empowerment of all local stakeholders, including: local authorities, institutions responsible for law and order and security, private sector and industry, civil society organizations and the media in the framework of the Local Awareness and ChemFriendly acknowledgement initiative (link), to create and implement local sustainable development policy in the wider chemical activities, proceedings. ICCSS cooperates with individual, societal and business actors, to increase chemical security,   through  knowledge  sharing,  best  practices  exchanges,  cooperation and rich trainings offer.

Within ICCSS Regulatory Framework we encourage international structures, including the United Nations, OPCW, and other relevant agencies to focus their agenda on reducing these chemical threats. Since 2011, ICCSS developed and promoted an international network of academic education and professional trainings in chemical and ecological safety and security for chemical industry, energy and environment sectors - CHEMSS EDU R&D Network and aimed to synergize capacities and knowledge in all disciplines of chemical, biological and environmental safety and security through  cooperation in the framework of ICCSS Global Team.

5. Why we are unique?

ICCSS has a unique blend of characteristics: global networks, long diplomatic experience and negotiating capacities, strong international legal background, and unique technical expertise, we help resolve CBRN local, national and regional conflicts, beyond formal networks.

Seeking global chemical safety security governance, ICCSS implements unique on the global scale integrated approach to chemical and environmental vulnerability, which is a basis for ICCSS cyber-security, resilience against cyber threats and chemical safety and security activities.

ICCSS identifies problems and tackles it by specifically designed projects and initiatives, creating world-renowned consortia of experts for this purposes. ICCSS accents sustainability and continuity of effects, through operationalization and internationalization of existing best practices and capacity building, on principles of public-private partnership, modern management, enterprise and project risk management, multi-stakeholder participation.

Working together to enhance chemical safety and security for us – it is a mission. Via we offer an Alternative Dialogue Avenue – CBRN ADA, which connects governments, industries, local sides that could not agree on how to achieve common position, agreement or understanding, in CBRN areas.

6. What is integrated/harmonized approach to chemical and environmental safety and security?

Integrated/harmonized approach is based on the principles of sustainability, continuity, public-private partnership; modern management; enterprise and project risk management; multi-stakeholder participation. It is applied to enhance chemical safety and security in the peaceful uses of chemistry, including the security of chemical plants, transportation of chemicals and energy carriers, and promote chemical security culture and cooperation among stakeholders.

7. What is ICCSS Dialogue and Cooperation Hub?

ICCSS Dialogue and Cooperation Hub serves for supporting and promoting entrepreneurs with  innovative services, processes and products. Created as a common connection point for users and providers innovative services, processes and products in chemical-environmental safety and security and cybersecurity, it meets highest safety, security and environmental standards, while helping to resolve CBRN local, national and regional conflicts, beyond formal networks.

Via ICCSS hub we offer an Alternative Dialogue Avenue – CBRN ADA, which connects governments, industries, local sides that could not agree on how to achieve common position, agreement or understanding, in CBRN areas.

8. What is global chemical safety security governance?

It is an embodiment in practice of ICCSS integrated approach. It provides for new partnership relationships and introduction of global society approach. The non-state domain, especially business, industry, academia civil society and media, become partners and equal stakeholders of states and international organizations in meeting challenges of global chemical development and environmental threats.

9. How can I support ICCSS?

ICCSS offers a wide range of possibilities of cooperation and partnership.

In order to support ICCSS led activities by your expertise, please visit chemss.dqcloud2.pl/CHEMSS  EDU R&D NETWORK.  If you would like to join ICCSS as a member of GlobalTeam – please refer to the dedicated webpage – chemss.dqcloud2.pl/GlobalTeam

To get involved in ICCSS activities as a part of the ICCSS Team, please regularly visit Join us section, where we publish about ICCSS career opportunities.

In order to establish organisational partnership please contact, info@iccss.eu (president@iccss.eu)

10. What are the ICCSS partners?

ICCSS has developed partnerships with over 200 local and national authorities, industrial associations, international organizations and civil societies,  private sector, science, practitioners and experts, academia. ICCSS  seeks the world where all activities with chemicals,  including their development, production, use and disposal, are safe, secure and environmentally friendly on the basis of integrated approach.