The Foundation International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (the Foundation) is committed to promote equal treatment for all employees, potential employees or contracted experts in such a way that demonstrates that the Foundation values diversity amongst its workforce and that complies with the internationally recognized standards. The Foundation is also committed to promote its standards among the subcontracting companies.



The subject to the policy is: all employees, experts, contractors and all job applicants.

This policy has particular relevance to all those concerned with recruitment, training, promotion, partnership, scholarship, internship and contracting procedures and/or decisions.



The Foundation is committed to equality of opportunity in all its employment, contracting, hiring and awarding practices, policies and procedures.  No employee, contracted physical expert or representative of legal person, or intern will therefore receive less favourable treatment due to their race, creed, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion, language, political or other opinion affiliation, connections with a national minority, birth or other status, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, membership or non membership of a trade union or disability.

In addition the Foundation is committed to carrying out its endeavours and projects ethically in common understanding of that term.



Applications will be advertised from suitably qualified individuals and encouragement may be given to applications from those who may be currently under-represented in the workforce, contracted experts or interns.

All advertisements, whether internal or external, should be approved by the Board.



Nominations for training opportunities will be based upon the employee’s or intern’s merits and abilities, program and mission needs and the availability of appropriate work related courses.



With reference to the appropriate policies the selection for redundancy and/or redeployment will be conducted in a manner that avoids any direct or indirect discrimination.



The Foundation wishes to ensure that people with disabilities are supported and encouraged to apply for employment, contract or internship.  They will be treated so that they have an equal opportunity, so far as is justifiable, to be selected, trained and promoted.  Reasonable efforts will be made to help disabled persons making reasonable adjustments to the job where practicable.



Any breach of the Diversity Policy will be subject to an investigation and corrective action.

Anyone having a concern regarding the application of this policy should normally make use of the Foundation’s grievance procedure.