The Integrated Chemical Safety and Security Program in Ukraine is being conducted in cooperation with Ukrainian partners from industry, science, academia and the non-governmental sector, within the framework of the European perspectives of Ukraine, the Eastern Partnership objectives, and promoting peace and security including implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the UNSCR 1540 (2004).

The core objective of the program is to enhance chemical safety and security in the development, production, use, trade and transportation of toxic chemicals and energy carriers, and the safe disposal of toxic wastes. The ICCSS and Ukrainian partners jointly developed the program based on the principles of sustainable development, public-private partnership and modern management practices.

Other joint ICCSS-Ukrainian projects include:

  1. Support for the work of the Chemical Security Sub-Working Group of the Global Partnership, under the Ukrainian-Polish chairmanship;
  2. Organization of the NATO Advanced Training Course “Identification and Neutralization of Chemical Improvised Explosive Devices” for NATO Partnership Countries, funded by NATO within the framework of the Science for Peace and Security programme and conducted in May 2014 in Wroclaw, Poland;
  3. Development and implementation of the EU grant “Network of universities and institutes in raising awareness against dual use concerns of chemical materials”,  whose implementation consortium comprises representatives from Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Morocco, Jordan and Ukraine (Institute of Biotechnology and Petrochemistry/Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Science and Technology Centre);
  4. Promoting chemical safety and security in the Eastern Partnership countries in the peaceful uses of chemistry, including transportation of chemicals and carriers of energy.


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