We finished first day of the Amman-Warsaw Seminar

We finished the first day of the Amman-Warsaw Seminar. After the ceremonial opening of the event and Remarks by the international participants, 2 sessions took place today: Jordan Session ("National capacities and experience to mitigate CBRN threats; Towards development of national regulatory frameworks in chemical security") and International ("Lessons learned from the international efforts to enhance Chemical Safety and Security in front of growing chemical threat. Towards regional cooperation to mitigate chemical threat").

Jordan Session presented the experience and capacities in Jordan to prevent and respond to CBRN threats. The Jordanian presentations was include: demonstration of  their response systems, civil protection and counter-terrorist centers, implementation of relevant national international obligations and  Jordan inputs and capacities to mitigate CBRN threats and support regional safety and security.

Presentations by the relevant National Representatives of Jordan from Government, Industry, Science and Academia

In the International Session was present lessons learned from the international organizations (EU, INTERPOL, NATO, OPCW, OSCE, UN 1540 Committee) on implementation and operation of the relevant projects to strengthen chemical safety and security, implementation of the UNSCR 1540, CWC, and relevant chemical conventions,  and strengthening the law enforcement cooperation. Lessons learned from national and industry on implementing national and industry voluntary programs to enhance chemical security among producers and users of chemicals.Development and implementation of national and international chemical safety and security programs and practices in chemical production, air, road and rail transport of chemicals;

Presentations by international organisations and partners:

·        G7 Global Partnership Chemical Security Working Group

·        UN Counter Terrorism Committee (UN CTC)

·        World Customs organization (WCO)

·        Organisation for Security Cooperation in Europe (OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine)

·        Cefic – European Council of Chemical Federations

·        STIMSON Centre (US)


Presentations by national representatives from the Middle East