Second day of the Amman-Warsaw Seminar

We finished the second day of the conference. Today, 2 training sessions were conducted with the participation of the Jordan and national and international participants:

Table Top Exercise (TTX) on enhancing secure movement of chemicals through borders among the Middle East Countrie.

Co-Chair: Mr. Leslaw Gorniak – ICCSS Training Director
Co-Chair: Mr. Alaa Allan – World Customs Organisation

TTX will enhance the ability of partners to prevent situations concerning of suspicious transfers chemicals to be used as explosives, including Acetone,  or for chemical weapons production and conduct joint operations when and where the situation arises, and will demonstrate our resolve and commitment to stem the suspicious trade or flow of such materials.

1. To present legal, administrative and operational tools to respond effectively to the threats posed by transfers chemicals to suspicious end use;
2. To promote the chemical security among the relevant institutions in Jordan and the Middle East;
3. To support the development and introduction of chemical security in Jordan and the Middle East among the border and customs services by providing training of trainers from border and customs.

4. To review control procedures applied by Customs, Counter Terrorism (CT) and other law enforcement relating to the flow of shipments containing toxic chemicals, and chemicals of suspicious end-use as well as their supplies realized via transhipment points.
5. To examine procedures for coordination among countries when these items move across borders.
6. To uncover and document shortfalls in these procedures and recommend ways procedures can be revised/strengthened/improved.
7. To exercise national decision-making processes to prevent deliveries of suspicious materials..
8. To review information sharing arrangements and look for ways to become more effective and timely to prevent misuse of toxic chemicals.

Training Framework and Basic course on chemical safety and security to enhance security throughout the whole chemical lifecycle; national capacities to enhance training and best practices exchanges in chemical security.

Co-Chair: Dr. Zdzislaw Rapacki Chancellor, Vistula University, Warsaw, Poland  
Co-Chair: Head of Joint CBRN Training Facility in Amman

The session will consider and agree on the Training Framework for Joint CBRN Training Facility in Amman and basic course /train the trainers/ on chemical safety and security to enhance security throughout the whole chemical lifecycle. Therefore it will focus on promoting best practices exchanges and  capacity-building for safe and secure use of chemistry in research, development, storage, production, use and transportation of toxic chemicals.

The course is intended for Participants who are, or who will be, associated with the implementation or training in their home countries in the broad areas of chemical safety and security, including the implementation of the relevant international obligations, including CWC and UNSCR 1540 (2004).
The course will further develop concepts of the training and education scheme for rising awareness, teaching principles, required training skills and know-how and best practices transfer in areas of chemical safety and security, and will trigger training curricula preparation for specialized courses.

The session will bring more national and international institutions, organizations and stakeholders to participate in development of chemical safety and security issues. The session will assist to improve national capabilities in the prevention of, preparedness for and response to a misuse of toxic chemicals and provision of guidance and assistance to help establish chemical security culture. The session will assist to build collaborative frameworks to address both national priorities in chemical safety and security.

Presentations by the Representatives of:
• Jordan: Joint CBRN Training Facility in Amman
• Representative of US Homeland Security
• Belarus
• Ukraine