Press Comunique: 1st International Conference on the "Contemporary Faces of Chemical Safety"

Security as a strategic goal of contemporary states' activities should take into account the provision of stable population and sustainable development to the population living in their territories, understood as a balance between economic, social and environmental goals. And that means providing access to high quality air, drinking water, food products and other consumer goods as well as safety in the use of chemical substances. Ensuring chemical safety is a leading requirement in light of use in the production and consumption of over 100,000 chemical products. They are indispensable for the further development of civilization, increasing the mobility of societies and feeding the rapidly growing population. On the other hand, they pose a risk of industrial accidents and disasters, including due to the rapidly decapitalizing production and transport infrastructure.

Illegal activities involving the use of chemical substances are also a growing threat to international security and peace in the world, adding to hybrid threats. The emergence of a real threat of cyber attacks on production chemical installations, chemicals during transport and storage, require effective preventive measures to prevent the computer being used as a tool for the illegal use of chemical substances.

Chemical safety is also the key to ecological safety, guaranteeing high quality of the environment. It is also inseparably connected with health safety. Ensuring chemical safety and compliance with environmental protection standards is becoming a prerequisite for conducting research and scientific activities. The priority challenge is to ensure that, as part of the development of science and research that supports the widespread use of the achievements of chemistry, society and public authorities are aware of ecological and chemical threats.

On 1 July 2019, the 1st International Conference on the "Contemporary Faces of Chemical Safety" will be held, during which the issue of Chemical safety in the international and local dimension will be taken.
The main organizer of the conference is the International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS). The event will take place at the Vistula Warsaw Business and Finance Academy.

The conference will address important topics for strengthening internal security of countries and deepening international cooperation to reduce the risks posed by the rapid development of chemical production and universal access to chemicals. It will review the potential and possibilities of cooperation between representatives of academic communities from Poland and abroad, government agencies, industry, science, non-governmental organizations and social media in the field of chemical and ecological safety and counteracting the illegal use of toxic chemicals.

The conference will integrate representatives of the academic community, state administration and the economy in the search for solutions that increase environmental and public safety in the context of the widespread use of chemical substances, as well as the possibility of illegal use of chemical materials. Support international research and scientific cooperation to strengthen chemical and ecological safety as well as cyber security as an important element of citizens' security and public activity in the face of growing chemical threats to the environment, public safety and industrial activity.

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