ICCSS meeting with Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Mr. Janusz Piechociński

The meeting held on 13th May at the Ministry of Economy was devoted to discuss the cooperation with the Ministry of Economy in the context of the letter of Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Economy to the participants of the Warsaw Conference on chemical security and environmental protection, in which he expressed the support of the Government of Poland develop chemical security as the Poland’s specialization in the world.

The Deputy-Prime Minister assured in his letter, that as the Minister of Economy, he supports the objectives and the forthcoming conclusions from the Warsaw Conference which include the unique international Kenyan Project on Chemical Safety and Security contributes to the objectives of the programme “Go Africa” and will be actively supported, creating a solid foundation for the chemical safety and security for shale gas exploration will also serve in environmental protection; the development of a technology and production platform for chemical safety and security.

In his statement, Director J.Majchrzak presented the activities of the Ministry in promoting the innovation of the Polish economy. He confirmed that the proposed activities for the development of chemical safety are inherent in the development of innovativeness of the Polish economy. He noted the close cooperation of state administration, industry and the research in this field. He confirmed support for the projects presented at the Warsaw Conference.

Director W.Lubiewa-Wielzynski presented Poland’s comparative advantages in the strengthening of chemical security and highlighted  the close cooperation and support of the international partners fo the lwading role of Poland in the area of chemical security. He stressed that the Poland’s comparative advantages should be further developed and promoted by the Polish and the international partners nationally and around the world. This would bring concrete benefits from economic, trade, political, security and scientific perspectives. Poland will strengthen its image as an active member of the international community and a co-author of modern global security and development agenda.

Amb. Krzysztof Paturej, President of the ICCSS and co-chair of the Warsaw Conference presented to the Mr. Deputy-Prime Minister a document with the conclusions of the conference. He pointed to the 8 projects in the framework of chemical security which will be developed within the framework of Polish specialization in the world / link to the conclusion of the Conference, Warsaw/. He stressed that the international Conference participants proposed the transformation of the Warsaw Conference on Global forum on chemical safety.


Ambassador B.Jenkins drew the attention on a need to strengthen the international cooperation in the fight against modern security threats, including terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. She confirmed the high evaluation of the activities of the ICCSS.

The Deputy-Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński pointed out that the condition for addressing today's challenges in the global economy is a common search for answers and solutions and their joint implementation at global level. In this context, he supported the approaches of the Warsaw Conference which broadly defined chemical safety and security, which should focus not so much on reacting to negative events and disasters, but to create the conditions for sustainable and safe development of chemistry and to support the social progress worldwide.


Premier Piechociński recalled his proposals from the Climate Summit in Warsaw in 2013, where he stressed that the international action should concentrate on the support for a safe use of sources of energy and raw materials. It is necessary to create solutions that will improve energy efficiency, especially for use of coal in the countries of Africa and Asia. He noted the Polish experience in the development of clean coal technologies. He noted that in the conditions of growing competition grow areas of uncertainty and growing threat of conflicts. He confirmed that Poland will actively support the development efforts of the global economy and build within it its position. A component of these efforts is the development of chemical security by the Polish entities with the international partners, what will be supported.

Mr. T.Scott discussed the experience of Dow Chemicals in the implementation of chemical safety and security culture at chemical plants and in transportation of hazardous substances. He pointed to the need to introduce and implement a comprehensive security at the enterprise level.


The meeting was concluded with a support for the furthering the cooperation with the ICCSS to enhance chemical safety and security globally, to develop the global chemical security culture and promote Poland’s leadership in chemical safety and security.