Gallery: CHEMSS 2016

Watch photos of CHEMSS2016 process that took place in Kielce, Poland, 18-20th April 2016.

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The Global Chemical Safety and Security Summit CHEMSS2016 ( accompanied by the International Chemical Safety and Security Fair (Chem-Safety Expo) took place in Kielce on 18-20 April 2016. The Summit and the Fair were organized by the International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security ICCSS in Warsaw ( and Targi Kielce (Kielce Trade Fairs) (Targi Kielce).

Chaired by Amb. Krzysztof Paturej (President of the ICCSS), the Global Chemical Safety and Security Summit was the first global gathering of stakeholders and shareholders from all sectors of chemical world: the industry, governmental agencies, academia, civil society, non-governmental organizations, independent experts. Chemss2016 and Targi Kielce have gathered over 400 participants from 47 (mainly developing) countries. The largest delegations at Chemss2016 were from China, the USA, Ukraine and Poland. Mateusz Morawiecki, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, has sent a special address to the Chemss2016 participants in which he emphasized the importance of chemical safety and security in the spheres of international and national security, economic development, environmental protection and international cooperation.


The Global Chemical Safety and Security Summit CHEMSS 2016 acquainted governmental agencies, international organizations, representatives of the industry, the civil defense and first respondents as well as chemical users with the best practices, capacity building and programs enhancing chemical safety and security. This was achieved through numerous sessions, trainings and workshops, case study analyses and development of global chemical safety and security policies as well as through sharing of best practices. The Summit’s agenda included 25 themed sessions and two additional events, Seminar on Integrated Impact Assessment, and the Forum on Cybersecurity and Reliability of Industrial Control Systems led by Poland and the US; practical presentations of the Polish national agendas and the work of companies in response to crises and chemical threat prevention, as well as demonstrations of modern technological solutions and equipment aimed at ensuring chemical and ecological safety and security.