The ICCSS plays an active role as a leading international center of excellence on chemical security and promotes chemical security culture at national, regional and global levels, among the different audiences, with an emphasis on governments, chemical industries, academia and NGO’s.

The ICCSS has become an international forum for those who are accountable for chemical safety and security at all levels of chemical activities  to share and promote best safety and security practices and cultures, forum for education, training and publications on chemical safety and security, based on the principles of sustainability, continuity and modern management. 

The ICCSS is a pioneer in shifting the perspectives in the areas of chemical safety and security through promoting new approaches where: 

  • Chemical security is not as a technical problem for professionals, but an enterprise-wide problem;
  • Chemical security should not be sporadically singled out for attention, funding and justification, but chemical security is integrated in planning and business-conduct circle; 
  • Chemical security is not an expense but an investment; 
  • The focus of chemical security efforts is not mainly on threat, vulnerability and protection, but  the focus of chemical security efforts should be on efficiency, organisational continuity, and preservation of trust, what requires the introduction of chemical security.   

The ICCSS promotes the view that chemical safety and security cultures have common objective – the protection of people, society and the environment from release of toxic chemicals. At the same time, while both focus on the risk of inadvertent human error, chemical security places additional emphasis on deliberate acts that are intended to cause harm. Therefore the ICCSS promotes the chemical security as an approach which requires different attitudes and behaviours, such as confidentiality of information and efforts to deter and prevent the malicious acts.