Valery Kukhar is a Head of Laboratory of Fine Organic Synthesis, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry & Petrochemistry at Ukrainian Academy Science in Kiev and since 1987 he hold Director possition in the same institute.



In 1963 he graduated Chemical-Technology Institute in Dnepropetrovsk. In 1974 he has Ph. D. at
Institute of Organic Chemistry in Ukrainian Academy of Science in Kiev. He has also Member of
Ukrainian Academy Science Presidium.



In the year 1978 – 1988 he has Head of Chemical Division of Ukrainian Academy of Science in Kiev,
Since 1988 to 1993 Vice-President of Ukrainian Academy Science in Kiev. In the year 1976 – 1996 and present, since 2010 he hold an Professor offices of Organic Chemistry at National University name Taras Scheczenko in Kiev.