Maurizio Martellini is Secretary General of the Landau Network-Centro Volta (LNCV), Executive Secretary of the International Working Group (IWG), Professor of Physics at the University of Insubria (Como, Italy), Member of the Pugwash General Conferences and Director of the Insubria Centre on International Security (ICIS).



He is an advisor to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As General (Executive) Secretary of LNCV (IWG), Prof. Martellini organizes International Conferences, Schools and Workshops and has edited publications as well as specific Case Studies. His fields of research and analysis are: methods in theoretical and nuclear physics; global issues, global scientists redirection/engagement, management and disposal of radioactive waste; scientific and technological aspects concerning international security, CBRN risks mitigation issues; Science and Engineering diplomacy.

He published in the fields of international security and physics in specialized journals and authored about a hundred articles on national and international geopolitical/security affairs.